• Our History

    East Fort Worth Montessori Academy (EFWMA) was founded by Dr. & Mrs. James Brown and established on the principle that every child can thrive when given the proper educational foundation.  Throughout the years, EFWMA has been committed to creating a comprehensive and nurturing environment where children develop a love for learning.  When EFWMA’s caring and nurturing environment is combined with children’s curiosity and desire to learn, the result is an educational experience that nurtures students’ minds, hearts, and spirits.

    Brief Timeline

    • 1995 -- EFWMA begins with eight students and quickly expands.
    • 1998 -- The school became formally known as East Fort Worth Montessori Academy. 

                            EFWMA becomes accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children    
                            EFWMA receives its nonprofit status as a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization.


    • 1999 -- EFWMA starts an integration program between EFWMA students and elderly residents of the Saint Joseph Gardens’ assisted living residential center.  The program was a unique opportunity for our young students to learn from the elders of our community.  Unfortunately, this educational experience ended in 2002 due to the center’s closure.


    • 2000 -- EFWMA collaborates with a Dallas based charter school organization. 


    • 2002 -- TEA awards EFWMA is awarded its own charter in 2002.    


    • 2004 -- EFWMA acquires the former White Lake School building and has continued educating children from all across Tarrant County from this current location.

    • 2010Helen Didley Montessori School is a new Pre-Kindergarten facility that was founded by Dr. James Brown.  The school was named posthumously after Ms. Helen Didley an educator from Milwaukee who supported him in starting this new Pre-K school in the Southeast Fort Worth area.


    • 2012 - The Ameen People Montessori School is acquired by EFWMS and becomes The Olive Tree Montessori School campus.  This school continues to educate Kindergarten through 5th grade level students.