• The Technology Classes


    At East Fort Worth Montessori Academy has 52 desktop computers  in the Computer  Science Labs where students have access to Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows 10, Web 2.0 tools or apps such as: Google Classroom, Google Education Suite, Quizizz.com, Nearpod, Kahoot.com, Code.org, CodeMonkey, Bitsbox, Quizlet, Typingclub, MinecraftEDU, Scratch Jr , Scratch, Tynker.com, Processing.org, LEGO, GoCoderz, Robotics and monitored internet usage. Our goal at EFWMA is to teach all of our students to be familiar with computer technology because it is a large part of our daily lives. Activities vary by grade level, but all students are encouraged and taught keyboarding skills, internet research, Microsoft Office applications and Fundamentals / Discoveries of Computer Science.


    This is the link for Technology Applications and Computer Science site http://bit.ly/efwmacs


    PK-Kinder grade students of EFWMA 


    First-Third grade students of EFWMA


    Fourth & Fifth-grade students of EFWMA


Last Modified on April 1, 2020