• The Technology Applications / Computer Science and Robotics Classes

    At East Fort Worth Montessori Academy, it has 52 desktop computers; in the computer science labs where students have access to Microsoft Office, Windows 10, Windows 11, MacOS, technology applications such as: Google Classroom, Google Education, Quizizz, Nearpod, Kahoot, Code.org, CodeMonkey, Bitsbox, Quizlet, Typingclub, MinecraftEDU, Scratch Jr , Scratch, Tynker.com, Processing.org, LEGO, GoCoderz, Robotics and monitored internet usage. Our goal at EFWMA is to teach all of our students to be familiar with computer technology because it is a large part of our daily lives. Activities vary by grade level, but all students are encouraged and taught keyboarding skills, internet research, Microsoft Office applications and Fundamentals / Discoveries of Computer Science.


    This is the link to Technology Applications and Computer Science site http://bit.ly/efwmacs


    PK-Kinder grade students of EFWMA 


    First-Third grade students of EFWMA


    Fourth & Fifth-grade students of EFWMA


Last Modified on May 7, 2023