Where would you like to volunteer?

     Check our list below and let us know what you would like to!  Is there somewhere not on our list where you'd like to assist?  Please fill out the volunteer form and turn it into our front office.  Thank you!

    Educational Volunteer Opportunities

    • Classroom Aide

    • Library Aide

    • Parent Club Participant

    • Fundraising Volunteer

    • Reading Partner Volunteer

    • Lunchroom Assistant

           Horticulture Volunteer/Horticultural Aide Opportunities

    • Garden Care Volunteer

    • Rose Garden Volunteer

    • Plant Documentation Volunteer

    • Work with students in the garden

    • Donate herbs, vegetables and  flowers

    • Weeding around the butterfly and rose garden

    • Dig and plant plants during the fall season

    • Prune plants

    • Update  plant labels & documentation on reference journal

    • Replace mulch

    • Upkeep greenhouse

    • Replant flowers, herbs in early spring

    • Assist with planting fall vegetables

           Operations Volunteer Opportunities

    • Crossing Guard Volunteer

    • Earth Day

    • Special events and fundraising

    Pond for Kids
    • Weed around pond and waterfall

    • Replant flowers

    • Replace aquatic plants

    • Paint and clean

    • Gazebo upkeep

    • Donate fish for pond                                                  

    Labyrinth, Zen Garden, and Horticultural Therapy Garden
    • Weeding

    • Revitalizing Gardens

    • Remulch

    • Repairs

    Front Entrance Beautification
    • Weeding

    • Planting flowers

    • Remulching

    • Keeping Grounds Clean (sweep, remove litter)

    Classroom Aides
    • Assist with making Montessori materials (training workshop available)

    • Reading to students

    • Adopt a classroom, organize field trips, or events

         Lunchroom Monitors

    • Assist students with opening of milk and juice

    • General monitoring of children

    • Sweeping and wiping tables

    Library Aide

    • Reading to students

    • Book Fair Monitor