• Freedom Riders
    5th Grade Social Studies and Language Arts
    The 5th Grade Students embarked on a extrodinary journey...into the past.  To further grasp the courage and personal experiences of those who were active during the Civil Rights Movement, the students read, The Freedom Riders by Ann Bausum.   In response to what they read and the vast emotions that the reading evoked, the students were then asked to write a letter to thank the Freedom Riders, John Lewis and Jim Zwerg.  Their letters were then compiled into a book format, printed and sent to the Freedom Fighters.  What an experience!
    Upon receiving the book of letters from the students,  Mr. Zwerg responded, thanking and encouraging them, along with a gift for the EFWMA school library.  It is in experiences like this, that we are able to share our humanity and really experience the impact that history has on us today.    Teaching the youth of our nation that history matters, that our civil rights matter, that respect for others is quintessential, and to understand what true brotherhood and sisterhood is all about, is a monumental task.  We are grateful to the Freedom Riders and what they continue to give and even more so, that they responded to a 5th Grade class of students from Fort Worth, TX!  
    Please take a moment.  Read about the Freedom Riders, read the student letters, and then read Jim Zwergs response, and say thank you.  Then ask yourself, "what am I doing to contribute to creating the "change I want to see in this world" - Ghandi, and join us in keeping the spirit and the story of the Freedom Riders alive!
    Freedom Riders
    To you we owe much gratitude and thanks.
    We walk the halls together.
    We laugh together.
    We work together.
    We invent together.
    We learn together.
    We are a united people. 
    To you we owe much gratitude and thanks.
    East Fort Worth Montessori Academy
    5th Grade Class 2008-2009
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