• Hello EFWMA!
    The success of the Spring Festival comes from all of us! 
    Students, teachers, parents, and the community.
    Anything you can donate, collect, create, or contribute will make a difference. 
    We are currently requesting donations of:
    Silent Auction Donations
    Save your WHOLE EGG SHELLS for the Spring Festival!  It is a great tradition to have CASCARONES or Confetti Eggs at festivals. It is also one of the students favorite features of the Spring Festival.  So start saving them now.  Please turn in your eggs to the front office. 
    Each class will be working on specific projects, so please see your child's teacher for more specific details or suggestions. 
    We also would like to invite the community to this event.  If there is a person, business, or service that you believe supports the mission of EFWMA and would contribute to the success of our Spring Festival 2013, please invite them to sponsor this year's event.  We have many different levels of sponsorship that are mutually beneficial!
    More to come! 
    EFWMA Spring Festival Volunteers!