• EFWMA Farmer's Market

    We are reopening our Farmer's Market this October!  Operating a real business provides students with numerous educational experiences.  Our students are empowered as entrepreneurs. Our youth to germinate plants, care for our gardens, and sell healthy produce and products from the garden. Our goal is to guide students to the endless possibilities in this world and to cherish the gifts we receive from Mother Nature.


    4H Club - Head, Heart, Hands, and Health
    Bunny Care
    4H Club is a national organization that teaches young Americans the traits of leadership, citizenship, and life skills. At East Fort Worth Montessori, our children are responsible for feeding and caring for the goats, chickens and rabbits at our school. The students take ownership of the animals, and in the near future, they will host the animals they've tended to at the Fort Worth Bunny Care, at the Stockyards.