Students are required to wear uniforms Monday through Thursday.  The required attire is as follows:


    ü      Navy Pants or shorts or skirts no shorter than three inches above the knee

    ü      Plain Red Golf Shirts with school logo

    ü      Plain colored Sneakers or Rubber Soled Shoes

    ü     Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade; long khaki pants, shorts or skirts; light blue button down shirts or golf shirts with school logo. (Shorts or skirts may not be shorter than three inches above the knee.)


    Boots, shoes with rollers in the heels sometimes referred to as ‘Heelies’  and open toe or heel shoes are not allowed for safety concerns. 

    Friday attire:  The children have the option of wearing the school uniform or the uniform pants/shorts/skirts and shoes with the school spirit t-shirt.

    Neither the teachers nor the school will be held responsible for missing jewelry or spoiled clothing.


    Parents will be notified to pick up their students immediately who are not in uniform.