• Hello E.F.W.M.A Parents,

    The link below will direct you to our campus accountability report card. We were a point shy of earning a 'C" we are not proud of earning this grade but we can assure you that plans were in place since last school year and we intend to continue with these plans in the 19-20 school year. 

    Parents, there is a shared responsibility in all we do in the triangulation partnership for your child to be successful. We request parents full participation and support as we implement a plan for your child to be successful. E.F.W.M.A does not teach to the test, we teach so that each child can read, comprehend, and do mathematics on grade level. If it means not earning distinctions or a better grade we humbly accept. We do want to earn a better grade on our Accountability reports but its more important to us for your child's formative years not to be riddled with gaps.

    Teachers and support staff will contact you to seek your input as we implement plans for your child to be successful in their journey and on the test. 

    18-19 Accountability Rating


    17-18 Accountability Ratings