• March 19th, 2020

    Hello EFWMA Parents and Guardians,

    All students at EFWMA will stop attending in class instruction, it will be replaced with online instruction and other options suitable for families with or without technology or wifi at home. We provide synchronous learning, which means a schedule with log on days and times was created for students to log on and receive direct instruction. A synchronous learning environment allows students an opportunity to receive assistance when they struggle with assignments or concepts.

    In an attempt to respond to all your questions, we have created a frequently asked questions document below. If you need further assistance please direct your questions to a campus administrator or your child’s teacher.

    • Why did EFWMA choose  online learning?

    We chose online learning because it is the safest way to bring instruction to your children. Your children are familiar with using Google Apps for classroom, they use these apps during technology class. 

    • Is  online learning the only way students can receive academic content?

    No, we understand all families do not have access to WIFI or technology therefore we've created other options such as: recordings of online classes for students to watch later, asssignments in Google classrooms that can be trasffered to a spiral notebook and lastly, created academic packets can be picked up on Wednesdays.

    • What can students and parents expect of teachers?

    Teachers teach the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Curriculum (TEKS)

    Teachers plan schedule times to provide academic support to struggling students

    Teachers are expected to plan assignments and provide timely feedback

    Teachers are expected to respond to emails in a timely manner

    • What is expected of students?

    Students are expected to log on in time for online learning

    Students should come prepared with a sharpen pencil and a spiral notebook

    Students are expected to participate, stay engaged, and stay in class

    Students are expected to submit academic packets on time

    Students learning online are expected to submit assignments on time

    Students are expected to log on for small group tiered intervention services online

    Students are expected to email their teachers when they are running late to log in for class

    • Where can students or parents find assignments?

    Students and parents can find their assignments in Google Classroom or they can pick up a labeled academic packet on Wednesdays at the school

    • Will students earn grades for their assignments?

    Yes, students will earn grades during online classes, submitting assignments on time, and submitting packets on time.

    • What if my child needs help

    Students can stay after class to work with their teacher or students can email their teacher to schedule a time for support as long as it is between the time of 9:00 a.m. - 4:00p.m. Qualified students receive extra support during intervention services. 

    • Does the school provide emotional support?

    EFWMA does not provide counseling but we do provide Social and emotional Support for our students. Students and parents are encouraged to complete the SEL form if they are in need of assistance.

    • How many days a week are students expected to log in?

    Students are expected to log on everyday for class, Mondays - Thursdays are designed for academic learning and Fridays are designed for enrichment classes. A schedule is posted in each teacher's Google Classroom.

    • Are there classes for students to hang out?

    There are classes on Saturdays to give students a safe place to meet and have fun. There are no classes on Sundays.

    • When will the school year end?

    We do not know when the school year will end. EFWMA will continue to follow the direction of state and local officials. We also seek direction from our school board. Updates are shared through emails, Blackboard Blasts & Calls, and on the COVID Online Learning Channel on the school's website.

    • What if my family does not have wifi access?

    We ask parents to follow the guidance from the FCC. There is more information on free internet services from telecommunication companies on our schoool website.

    • My child receives free and reduced lunch, when can I pick up lunch?

    EFWMA will provide food services every Wednesdays from 4p.m. - 5 p.m starting April 1st, 2020. Parents can pick up academic packets and food for the week on Wednesdays. There is more information on the Nutrition Site.

    • How will the school determine promotion to the next grade?

    EFWMA is reviewing its grading policies. We encourage all students with technology to log on for class everyday, stay engaged and submit their assignments. Students with packets should submit their packets on time for attendance and grades. Students in ESL, SPED or Tutoring services must consistently log in for support. Students who refuse to login and submit assignments will be reviewed by a committee.