• Lone Star Governance (LSG) is an optional, first-of-its-kind training initiative.

    Founded on research, LSG is a continuous-improvement model for governing teams—boards in collaboration with their superintendents—who choose to focus intensely on only one primary objective: Improving student outcomes.

    The purpose of Lone Star Governance is to provide coaching and support, through a continuous-improvement framework, for school governing teams that choose and commit to intensively focus on the objective to improve student outcomes. Lone Star Governance accomplishes this intense focus through tailored coaching aligned to the five pillars of the Texas Framework for School Board Development: Vision, Accountability, Structure, Advocacy, and Unity. In addition to the primary focus on improving student outcomes, Lone Star Governance provides systems for governing legal and fiscal responsibilities.

    EFWMA Student Outcome Goals

    Lone Star Governance (LSG) promotes self evaluation through the board's quarterly progress trackers, it recommends that the school board displays an update record of the student outcome goals and goal progress measures publicly.

    Student Outcome Goals (SOGs) and Goal Progress Measures (GPMs)
    The table below represents the SOGs which are being monitored. All SOGs are SMART goals, which lends to structure and guidance as we seek to implement what is best to accomplish student progress.

EFWMA Student Outcome Goals
  • Student Outcome Goals (SOGs) and Goal Progress Measures (GPMs)
    The links below are to the monitoring reports for Student Outcoe Goals (SOGs), Goal Progress Measures (GPMs), Superintent Constraints and Board Constraints and the Board Quarterly Goal Tracker which are being monitored.

    All goals and progress measures are SMART goals which are designed to provide structure and guidance throughout a project and better identify what needs to be accomplished.


    Quarterly Review Tracker

    Outcomes and Constraints