• Lower Elementary

     1st & 2nd Grade

    First through second grade offers a blend of child-centered and teacher-directed activities in the classrooms.  Teachers design projects and conduct research to prepare a comprehensively integrated syllabus, which corresponds to the Texas Essential Skills and Knowledge curriculum. Our low student-teacher ratio lends itself to group work, individual teaching, better interaction, and the use of democratic teaching methods. 
    Teaching leans towards "Spiral and Network", which begins with the part expanding to the whole and then moves from sensory to abstract realization by using Montessori materials and methods.  Relying on best practices for emerging abilities of children in this age range, the program blends traditional systematic instruction - emphasizing reading, writing, and numeration - with child-initiated activities, intriguing hands-on projects, and supportive learning materials to keep educational activities engaging and lively.  Students participate in a varied range of subject-related projects, as well as a wide assortment of extra-curricular activities that instill a love for learning for a lifetime.