• An Elementary Community
    The Montessori experience begins in pre-school and continues through Grade 5.  During this period, an emphasis is placed on an interactive learning process. Essential skills and problem-solving abilities are developed to build a firm foundation for future academic progress.
    The small size of our Elementary campus allows teachers to develop a special rapport with each child.  Students receive individual lessons, allowing teachers to challenge specific academic abilities and interests.  Our teachers know each student in a unique way which enables them to support their students socially, emotionally, and academically through their Elementary years. 
    A community of children learning together presents many opportunities for children to develop social skills and long-term friendships; for self-esteem to blossom; and for children to experience the dynamics of teamwork and leadership.
    Each day, children have an opportunity to exercise self-discipline, decision-making, judgment, analytical skills, time management and social expression.  Working together, parents and teachers provide the best possible education to allow students to develop their unique potentials.
    Parents are encouraged to share their particular interests and abilities in the arts, sciences and cultural traditions.  The Montessori curriculum inspires students to become independent thinkers and learners, who appreciate and understand their world.  Integrated studies provide students with unique and age-appropriate material that help them to become accountable for their use of time, for accuracy in their work and to evaluate their strengths and areas of growth.  Our students have individualized work plans to allow them to progress at their pace, to use time effectively, and to make appropriate choices.  Students demonstrate great joy in their learning.