Our E.F.W.M.A Application is a short intent form that needs to be completed by new/prospective students. After your application has been submitted, the registrar will contact families to inform them of being accepted or wait-listed. Our initial intent to apply form is due from spring to early summer. The Enroll Form is posted in March and opens for 16 weeks. In July the application form is closed for four weeks. Due to our acceptance of rolling applications all year long, parents can submit an Intent to Enroll Form after we re-post the application. Parents who apply after the initial application season will be accepted based on availability. Otherwise, students' names will be added to the waiting list till there is availability for the school year. . 

    E.F.W.M.A Registration Period - E.F.W.M.A uses the Ascender Registration Portal where school forms are completed and required documents are submitted once students are accepted. E.F.W.M.A requests all paper documents are scanned and submitted. 

    Enrollment: Your child is considered enrolled at E.F. W.M.A when your child arrives at school the first day of school in August, after attendance has been called and submitted. 


     If any grade level has more applicants than spaces at the end of the application period, East Fort Worth Montessori Academy will conduct an electronic lottery per State of Texas guidelines requirements until all openings are filled.  The following are exempt from the lottery if applications are submitted during the designated application period: 

    1. Children of East Fort Worth Montessori Academy staff members, and
    2. Siblings of enrolled East Fort Worth Montessori Academy students

    Children not selected for immediate placement will be placed on a wait list according to their number in the lottery process. Please note that there are times we may have to conduct a lottery for exempt status students due to very limited availability.

     Wait list

     East Fort Worth Montessori Academy strives to maintain a decent ratio in a full classroom at all times. A computerized wait list will be maintained for each grade.  As space becomes available throughout the year (as in the event of a student withdrawal), the family of the student next in position on their grade level wait list will be notified and instructed to submit a registration packet. Please note, sometimes, students may move down on the wait list if there are siblings of current students on the wait list. Wait list students who are contacted will have 24 - 48 hours to respond. If we do not receive a response within that time frame, the next student on the waiting list will be contacted. 

    Applications after the Lottery Date

    Applications submitted after the deadline for the lottery will be added to the end of the appropriate grade’s wait list. The school will continue to accept applications through the school year after the school year begins.