• About The Mighty Doves:

    Welcome to the Opportunities page at East Fort Worth Montessori Academy. Our shared experiences, cultural backgrounds, collective histories, and intelligence make us different.

    Every student who enters our school has a story we can learn from. We support our students by offering flagship programs that build the skills and confidence they need to thrive. We expect our teachers to challenge students intellectually, listen mindfully, work collaboratively, facilitate holistically, and nurture students' joy of learning.

    At EFWMA, students are expected to learn to work together and collaborate towards a common goal. Whether the goal is leaving no trace outdoors, encouraging each other to meet individual goals, or restoring camaraderie between friends. Learning to be friends or creating boundaries in elementary school is essential. Therefore, when students disagree, we provide tools to help them develop verbal and listening skills to create solutions. An emphasis on the SEL Programs places a focus on social-emotional learning, which ensures our students are prepared to navigate and drive change in the world.

    We believe caring adults hold each other accountable and honest. We lend a helping hand and welcome learning facilitators who desire to build a community where joy and learning intersect.

    Before you apply..

    We’ve written our job descriptions to be helpful to you. After reading them, you should be able to decide for yourself if you want to be a part of this educational community. The best way to get a first interview is to write thoughtful answers that will make us want to learn more about you. We expect that you will bring that energy to your students each day.

    Just as you will critically read every student’s assignments, we will read every application, resume, and cover letter with the same inflection. Nothing is automated.

    You will enjoy teaching at E.F.W.M.A

    • If you seek a community that desires to create a community of high-leverage and impactful professionals. We seek high-performing professional learners and facilitators to join the movement and shift to interconnect academics, creativity, the joy of learning, community, proactive work, productive struggle,  and teamwork. 

    • You want to be an active part of a school community that nurtures the joy of learning. 

    • We want more than to aspire for a community of intellectual professionals, we actively want to create one. EFWMA is an inclusive team that works inside and outside the classroom to ensure growth, the joy of learning, team accountability, financial stewardship, outdoor camping trips, school potlucks, recruitment events, and camaraderie after hours.

    • Work with farm animals, gardening, flagship programs, and after-school activities and events. 

    We Invest in Our Employees:

    • Competitive compensation and benefits packages
    • Personalized professional development plan and innovative in-district training opportunities
    • Employee Recognition Program
    • Extra duty stipends 

    Application process

    Interested candidates should complete the employment application. A complete package includes an application, a resume, your summative TTESS, Human resources contact information from two previous schools, all Texas Certifications, GT/ESL/Science of Teaching Reading Supplementals, Fingerprint Check, and other supporting documents to aida.aguilar@efwma.org.  

    Mrs. Aguilar will schedule a committee interview with you. Qualifying candidates will be invited to analyze data and choose the highest leverage TEK to demonstrate their joy of teaching. 

    Job Application - use the Job Application Link to download and complete your application. - Application Link

    For additional questions about our employment vacancies, please email aida.aguilar@efwma.org.

    E.F.W.M.A verifies an employee's authority to work legally in the United States. Unfortunately, E.F.W.M.A does not sponsor individuals for immigration purposes.

    Once a conditional offer of employment is made, a background screening will be required. It includes verification of academic credentials, a thorough criminal background check, a social security number trace, the National Sex Offender Registry, and the completion of fingerprinting, which includes an FBI background check.


    East  Fort  Worth  Montessori  Academy  does  not  discriminate  on  the  basis  of  race, religion, color, national origin, sex, or disability in providing education  services,  and  activities,  and  programs  in  accordance  with  Title  VI  of  the  Civil  Rights  Act  of  1964,  as  amended;  Title  IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972; and Section 504 the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.