• History of East Fort Worth Montessori Academy

    East Fort Worth Montessori Academy (EFWMA) was founded over 20 years ago in 1995 by Dr. James T. Brown & Mrs. Joyce Brown. Their passion for progressive learning led to a momentous growth, from one classroom in a small building to a 20-acre campus with a labyrinth, eco-pond, and a natural habitat for children to be curious about nature. The founders believed that every child thrives when given the proper educational foundation. EFWMA is committed to creating a nurturing environment where children develop a love for nature, learning, curiosity and one another, regardless of ethnicity, creed, religion, sexual-orientation or gender-identity. E.F.W.M.A is a "Great Place to Bloom" and "Fly High".


    Brief Timeline
    • 1995 -- E.F.W.M.A admitted 8 students into one classroom in a small church on Bridge Street. 

    • 1998 -- The school, formally known as Intercultural Montessori Childcare was re-named East Fort Worth Montessori Academy (E.F.W.M.A)
      • E.F.W.M.A became accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children    
      • E.F.W.M.A received its nonprofit status as a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization.
    • 1999 -- E.F.W.M.A opened a second campus, East Fort Worth Montessori Academy St. Joseph

    • 1999 -- E.F.W.M.A started an integration program between E.F.W.M.A students and elderly residents of the Saint Joseph Gardens’ Assisted Living Residential Center.  The program was a unique opportunity for our young students to learn from the elders of our community. Unfortunately, this educational experience ended in 2002 due to the center’s closure.

    • 2000 -- E.F.W.M.A collaborated with Honors Academy, a Dallas-based charter school organization.

    • 2002 -- T.E.A awarded E.F.W.M.A its charter. An Eighth generation Charter. (Currently, there are two remaining).    

    • 2004 -- E.F.W.M.A acquired the former White Lake School building. Both Putnam and St. Joseph's campus merged into 1 campus.

    • 2010 -- A new Pre-Kindergarten facility named Helen Didley Montessori School was founded by Dr. James Brown.  The school was named posthumously after Ms. Helen Didley, an educator from Milwaukee who supported Dr. Brown at the start of the new Pre-K school in the Southeast area of Fort Worth.

    • 2012 -- EFWMA acquires Ameen People Montessori School.  The school later on was renamed The Olive Tree Montessori Academy (T.O.T.M.A) campus.  This campus is now closed.