• Established in 1995 by Dr. James T. Brown and Mrs. Joyce Brown, the East Fort Worth Montessori Academy (EFWMA) has its origins deeply rooted in the founders' dedication to innovative educational methodologies. This dedication catalyzed the transformation of EFWMA from its humble beginnings within a singular classroom setting housed in a modest structure to its current expansive 20-acre campus. This campus is notably equipped with a labyrinth, an eco-pond, and designated natural habitats intended to stimulate children's innate curiosity towards nature.

    The foundational philosophy of EFWMA is predicated on the belief that the optimal developmental trajectory of children is achieved through a robust educational framework. Such a framework is designed to foster not only an appreciation for the natural world but also to encourage a lifelong zeal for learning, inquisitiveness, and mutual respect among children. This is irrespective of their ethnic background, creed, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

    In adherence to its commitment to foster a supportive and enriching environment, EFWMA endeavors to cultivate a setting wherein children are encouraged to develop an affinity for nature, learning, and camaraderie. It is through this nurturing atmosphere that EFWMA upholds its ethos as a "Great Place to Bloom" and encourages its students to "Fly High", emblematic of its aspiration to facilitate the holistic development of its students.