• East Worth Montessori Academy Policies on Outdoor School Features        

    The outdoor facilities have been developed to stimulate the five senses, promote natural habitat and provide a respite for those who enter. The following policies have been set in place to provide the student, staff, and visitors’ safety and enjoyment:                                                                                                                             
    Our children are to be supervised at all times. The staff will be diligent in always maintaining their safety as well as maintaining the grounds the group is using.  The staff must refrain from fraternizing with other staff members while monitoring the children.  No classes are to be outside if the temperature or wind chill is below forty degrees or the temperature or heat index is over one hundred degrees.                                                                               

    Playground – There is to be no more than two classes on the playground at one time.  Staff members are always to monitor the students’ activities.   The children are to use the playscape the way in which it was designed.  They are not to climb on top of the covered slides or attempt to climb up the slide.  The children are to take turns on all the equipment.  Groups of children may not attempt to go down the slide in one mass or play King of the Mountain by not allowing other children the use of the playscape.  The Staff must maintain order for the safety of the children.                                                                                                                                      

    Stage – The EFWMA stage has not been built for the children to play on during recess.  The stage is off limits to anyone who is not participating in drama class, practicing for a performance or performing for an audience.                                                                      

    Japanese Garden – This rock garden is for people to rake and make designs in the decomposed granite.  Participants are to place the rake on top of the granite and pull the rake toward them.  Designs are made by how the person rakes.  The rake is not to be used as a shovel or weapon.  The decomposed granite is 3.5 inches deep.  The rocks in the garden are not to be climbed on or sat upon.                                                                       

    Picnic Area – The picnic area is for parents, students and staff to enjoy scheduled lunch and or monitored academic experiences.

    Labyrinth - One class is to use this at a time.  The children must be appropriately spaced while walking on it.  Walking is only permitted on the path.  There may be no running, skipping or hopping.  If a person greets another on the path, allow room for passing so all may enjoy its benefits.

    Gazebo -    Three people or children are allowed in the Gazebo at one time.  This is not a trampoline or a playscape for climbing.  It is a place for observation of the pond.  Anyone who enters must sit on the benches provided.


    Pond and Waterfall - One class may go to the pond at a time.  Children in classes with aides must be accompanied with a teacher and their instructional aide.  The plants are there to promote a natural habitat for wildlife.  The pond is not a target for skipping rocks.  All people viewing the pond must stay back three feet from the water at all times.


    Greenhouse – This is used by invitation only.  Under no circumstances are students, visitors or unauthorized staff members permitted in the greenhouse.


    George Washington Carver Pioneer Gardens and Log Cabin - This is the first grade through fifth grade gardens.  They will plant crops during the time allotted by their teacher.  Others are welcome to view the log cabin and gardens with supervision.


    Rose Garden - The roses are to be admired for their beauty and scent and not to be picked.


    Butterfly Garden – The butterflies have begun to enjoy the plants we have for them.  One may enjoy watching them while sitting at the table.  Please enjoy their work of gathering nectar, but do not scare, catch or destroy their habitat.


    Herb Garden – This garden will be utilized by the chef.  No one is to walk, climb or jump on the walls of the garden or walk across the dirt.  Classes who would like to participate in the planting of the garden will have to do so by permission.


    Bridge and Refuge - This is an area for nature walks for first through fifth grade.  Children must be accompanied by an adult.  Those in charge of the children must be vigilant in watching for wildlife in the area.