"Children have an innate desire to learn and create."  - Maria Montessori
    In today's world, the arts are an essential and neccessary part in developing our children into well rounded individuals.  It provides a forum for safe expression, communication, exploration, imagination, and cultural and historical understanding. 

    Not only does the  EFWMA Art Program respects this Montessori Philosophy but it also provides these benefits but are not limited to:  

       - Empowering the children to express creatively ideas, that sometimes numbers and words cannot. 
       - The Arts provide the children opportunities to navigate through other cultures, and teaches tolerance of others heritage and beliefs,             while valuing the individual. 
       -  The Arts incite critical thinking, flexibility in thinking,multiple viewpoints in responses,and allows for them to always search for different            meanings and understandings. 
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Last Modified on September 14, 2018